Zambia - September 27, 2018 11:00Zambian Futsal: Automotive Futsal AcademyA successful Italian TourPhoto and report courtesy: Automotive Futsal Academy Website

It was planned to be a big challenge to test the level and maturity of our boys, and now that we are back in Zambia we can confirm that yes, it has been a great experience for our team.

To play 10 games in 12 days is something that we can describe as epic and extraordinary, especially if you play against Futsal teams of the highest level.

The team played openly and without fear in all the 10 games, handling the pressure well, especially against the top-teams of the first division (Serie A) and second division (Serie A2) which are teams with strong experienced Italian players and foreign players coming from Brazil, Argentina, Croatia, Venezuela and Spain.

In the International Tournament “Memorial Alessandro Giglioli” Automotive F.C finished 3rd.

In the qualifying stages the boys lost the first game on a penalty shootout against Grosseto (regular time finished 2-2) and won 1-0 the second game vs Mattagnanese.

This qualified our Zambian boys to the final for 3rd-4th place, where Automotive F.C won 6-4 vs the French Team Furiani USJ.

The overall outcome of this Italian tour can be considered very positive, the boys have gained international experience, the management and the coaches received important indications on where the Club needs to work to improve and keep growing.

Now the focus is all on the new Wildcat Zambian Futsal League season 2018/2019.

From Automotive F.C. a huge thank you to all the Italian Clubs who welcomed us with generosity and made us feel home, a special thank you to our Italian friends and coaches Roberto Coccia and Giuliano Di Giosio for the invaluable support and organization of the tour. Thank you Saverio Palusci coach of Civitella for organizing all the friendly games in the Abruzzo region. Thank you Luca Di Eugenio, GoalKeeper coach and Assistant coach of Acqua&Sapone for the training session with our goalkeepers and the precious advices. Thank you Federico and Antonio from Hotel D'Atri for the excellent service and hospitality. Thank you to Calcetto Poggibonsese for having us at the “Memorial Alessandro Giglioli” and infinite gratitude to Gabriel Lima captain of the Italian National Team and player of the Italian champions Acqua&Sapone for the donation of around 40 pair of shoes that will be going to the kids of our Automotive Futsal Academy.

Below are the results of all the games of the Italian Tour.

Automotive F.C.vs Città di Chieti (5-0). National 3rd division team (Serie B)
Automotive F.C. vs Civitella (1-4). National 1st division team (Serie A1).
Automotive F.C.vs Acqua&Sapone (2-7) National 1st division team (Serie A1) Champions of Italy who will be playing the UEFA Futsal Champions League.
Automotive F.C. vs Tombesi Ortona (4-6) Italian National 2nd Division (Serie A2).
International Tournament “Memorial Alessandro Giglioli”

5. Automotive F.C.vs Grosseto (3-4) at penalty shootouts. National 2nd division Team (Serie A2) Regular time finished (2-2). Group stage game.

6. Automotive F.C. vs Mattagnanese 1-0 Italian National 3rd division team (Serie B). Group stage game.

7. Automotive F.C. vs Furiani USJ (6-4). French National 2nd division team. Final 3rd/4th place.

8. Automotive F.C. vs Lastrigiana (6-2) Italian regional 4th division team (Serie C1)

9. Automotive F.C. vs Montecavoli (5-2) Italian National 3rd League (Serie B)

10. Automotive F.C. vs Pistoia (5-2) National 2nd division Team (Serie A2)

Automotive F.C captain Arnold Chishala with Acqua&Sapone captain Murilo Ferreira (Photo courtesy: Automotive Futsal Academy)

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